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Acquisition of Majority Stake in Kantoku Global Corporation

New Investment

/ 10.07.2016

Nippon Sangyo Suishin Kiko (“NSSK”) is pleased to announce that today a holding company controlled by funds advised by NSSK completed the acquisition of a majority stake in Kantoku Global Corporation, Ltd. (“KGC” or “the Company”

KGC is a family-owned company founded in 1968 and based in Saitama Prefecture, that purchases Japanese branded used trucks and industrial machinery from major Japanese companies in the logistics, leasing and manufacturing sectors. After purchasing the vehicles and machinery, the Company maintains, de-manufactures or disassembles them into component parts in Company-owned factories (located in Saitama Prefecture and Tochigi Prefecture) and sells them to third parties, primarily dealers of second hand vehicles in emerging markets.

NSSK will provide NSSK’s Value Up Program (“NVP”) to KGC to implement global best practices in sourcing, supply chain, sales force productivity, finance and accounting, among others and support its future expansion. KGC’s existing management team will continue to manage the Company and will retain a minority stake.