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New Investment

/ 04.27.2017

Nippon Sangyo Suishin Kiko is pleased to announce the acquisition, through a special purpose vehicle, of BUNKASHA PUBLISHING CO., LTD. ( and its affiliates (collectively “Bunkasha” or the “Company”) .

Bunkasha is a medium-size, privately held Japanese publishing group with a strong presence in the manga segment (Japanese comics) targeted to female readers as well as the leisure magazine segment in both print and digital formats. In particular, Bunkasha’s titles in their core segment of manga (horror, suspense and romance) have stable and strong readerships among 20 to 40 year old women. Further, its main title in the female fashion magazine segment has been ranked among the top 3 for the past several years by fashion conscious female readers in their 10s and 20s.

NSSK will provide NSSK’s Value Up Program (“NVP”) to Bunkasha to implement global best practices including accounting, finance, compliance and governance measures, more effective content accumulation and management, profitability enhancement with the acceleration of digitization of their extensive library of content, and a diversification of revenue source by expanding its media mix and distribution channels. NSSK is partnering with Bunkasha’s existing management team, who will continue to manage the Company.