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Acquisition of sports nutrition business (DNS) from DOME CORPORATION by NSSK

New Investment

/ 08.31.2020

Nippon Sangyo Suishin Kiko (“NSSK”; is pleased to announce that investment partnerships managed or provided with services by NSSK affiliates completed its acquisition of the sports nutrition business, which is engaged in product planning, sales and marketing of sports nutrition products under the brand name DNS (“DNS”; from DOME CORPORATION.

Since its establishment in 2000 at DOME CORPORATION, DNS has served a wide range of consumers from top athletes to sports enthusiasts, to improve their performance and health by developing supplements, drinks, meal bars and other products with a focus on protein powder. For the past 20 years, DNS has researched nutritional requirements of athletes for the development of its core product line of protein powders. As a result of its uncompromised commitment to taste and collaboration with flavor experts, DNS products are regarded by consumers as the best tasting protein.

From its onset, DNS has been committed to creating highly effective products and has been actively utilizing sports nutrition studies and research from international organizations to develop its products. DNS products are manufactured at plants that have passed rigorous antidoping screenings and are continuously tested for banned substances to uphold the company`s utmost commitment to safety and quality. These factors make DNS one of Japan’s leading brands in sports nutrition and have garnered strong support from its consumers, with high brand recognition and a stable customer base.

Building on the foundation DNS has built, NSSK will provide its Value Up Program (“NVP”) to implement global-best business practices in all relevant areas, including accounting, finance, compliance and ESG. NSSK will also support DNS’s sales growth by driving customer base expansion and penetration, broadening the product line-up and further refining marketing strategy.