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Investment in Bestlife Co., Ltd. by NSSK

New Investment

/ 01.20.2023

Nippon Sangyo Suishin Kiko (“NSSK”; is pleased to announce that investment partnerships managed or provided with services by NSSK’s Regional Impact Fund completed a majority investment in Bestlife Co., Ltd. (“Bestlife”, or the “Company”;

Established in September 2004, Bestlife is headquartered in Osaka. With a management philosophy of “Making the most of resources, making the most of human resources,” the Company operates a reuse business as its core business, in which it purchases and sells used brand-name goods. The Company operates a total of 29 stores in Osaka, Hyogo, Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Saitama. Stores do not sell goods; they focus purely on purchasing, enabling them to operate with low fixed overhead costs. Sales are mainly made to corporate clients leading to short inventory turnover periods and highly efficient operations overall. Furthermore, the Company has expanded its reach and maintains a high repeat customer rate thanks to its “we buy anything and everything” policy, focusing on precious metals, luxury bags, and used brand-name goods such as watches, and through its attentive and customer-focused approach to customer service.

Building on the business foundation Bestlife has established, NSSK will provide its unique NSSK Value-up Program (“NVP”), its business expertise, and domestic and international networks, working with the current management team so that Bestlife can achieve more robust growth in its next stage of development. NSSK will support the planning and implementation of business improvement measures such as accelerating store openings. NSSK will also assist in the introduction of business management methods, which includes the establishment of KPIs, strengthening of governance and compliance systems, disseminating corporate philosophy, and promoting ESG activities. NSSK is partnering with the current management team, which will continue to manage Bestlife.