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Investment in Care Medical Co., Ltd. by NB-V Co., Ltd.

New Investment

/ 05.12.2022

Nippon Sangyo Suishin Kiko (“NSSK”; is pleased to announce that NB-V Co., Ltd. in which investment partnerships managed or provided with services by NSSK affiliates have a stake and of which Vati Co., Ltd. (“Vati”; is a subsidiary, has formed a capital and business alliance with Care Medical Co., Ltd. (“Care Medical”;

Care Medical operates 21 elderly housing in Saitama Prefecture, offering residents services such as home-visit long-term care, home-visit nursing care, home-visit pharmacy, and welfare equipment rental services. Despite facilities being in the affordable price range, a full spectrum of medical services is available in addition to long-term care, and the facilities play an important social role as providers of care for chronic/terminal stage cancer patients and patients with other intractable diseases that conventional nursing care facilities are unable to accommodate.

Building on the business foundation that Care Medical has established, NSSK will provide its unique NSSK Value-up Program (“NVP”), its business expertise, and domestic and international networks, working with the current management team so that Care Medical can achieve even more robust growth in its next stage of development. NSSK will support the planning and implementation of business improvement measures such as the establishment of KPIs, strengthening of governance and compliance systems, enhancing marketing strategies, developing new facilities, disseminating corporate philosophy, and promoting ESG activities.

In addition, it is expected that Care Medical will be able to utilize Vati’s experience and know-how in operating nursing care facilities, realizing synergies in improving the productivity of facility operations. Moreover, Vati can expect to build a superior service lineup and further sales growth synergies by leveraging Care Medical’s experience and expertise in providing home-visit nursing care services.