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Investment in Edge Innovation by US.Mart Corporation, an NSSK group company

New Investment

/ 05.22.2019

Nippon Sangyo Suishin Kiko (“NSSK”; is pleased to announce that US.Mart Corporation (“US.Mart”;, an NSSK group company, completed its investment in Edge Innovation Co., Ltd. (“Edge Innovation” or the “Company”;

Edge Innovation was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture. The Company’s slogan is to “Transform entertainment by changing how we play!” Edge Innovation has been a pioneer in promoting a new format for “survival games” referred to as “airsoft”, which is a competitive team shooting sport deploying soft pellet, air guns. Since its founding, the Company has launched 4 airsoft indoor playing sites in major metropolitan areas including Osaka, Saitama, Tokyo and Nagoya. The Company has transformed what was originally designed for hard core military enthusiasts to a Japan-originated entertainment format targeting a broad customer base. Today, Edge Innovation has built a reputation as a leader in this fast growing entertainment category of airsoft games. It has well designed interiors depicting various formats of fictitious battle scenarios (similar to those found in video games) and has created broad customer appeal that includes women and first time players.

US.Mart is a leading operator of indoor playground facilities (Kid’s US. LAND) in more than140 shopping centers nationwide with approximately 3.6 million customers annually. The demand for indoor playgrounds is increasing year after year as they are safe and secure places where children can play freely regardless of weather and experience extraordinary exercises. In addition, US.Mart’s all-you-can-play system of 100 yen for 15 minutes makes its facilities more attractive and affordable places to go on the weekends for many families.