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Investment in Welfare Suzuran Co., Ltd. by NSSK

New Investment

/ 12.20.2019

Nippon Sangyo Suishin Kiko (“NSSK”; is pleased to announce that a company controlled by investment partnerships managed by NSSK affiliates completed its investment in Welfare Suzuran Co., Ltd. (“Welfare Suzuran” or the “Company”;
Welfare Suzuran was established in 2011 as a nursing care service provider. With its corporate motto, “Second Home with Safe Life”, Welfare Suzuran is pursuing an “area dominant strategy”, with 7 Residential Style Nursing Homes and 3 Group Homes for persons with disabilities. Affordable price and high quality service result in high margins and high occupancy rate. All Residential Style Nursing Homes build comprehensive home care system by (i) setting home visit station that provides long-term care service and nursing service and (ii) collaborating with local clinics and hospital. Also, at a nursing home with 24-hour nursing care service Welfare Suzuran can accept people requiring intensive medical care. Nurisng care facilities making people smile and feel cozy enable Welfare Suzuran to be highly appreciated by residents and their family and to establish great reputation and strong brand.
NSSK has deep knowledge and experience in the nursing care industry cultivated through past investment and management support. By leveraging these our expertise, NSSK builds a “Specialty Elderly Care Platform” to provide appropriate long-term care service and nursing care service with mentally challenged people, physically disabled people, demented patient and patients with intractable diseases as well as care recipient. NSSK’s investment in Welfare Suzuran represents the first stage in the creation of a “Specialty Elderly Care Platform”. The goal of the Specialty Elderly Care Platform is to aggregate a number of leading service providers in the nursing care industry and to drive growth by rolling up businesses.
Building on the foundation Welfare Suzuran has built, NSSK will provide its Value Up Program (“NVP”) to implement global best business practices in all relevant areas, including accounting, finance, compliance, and ESG. Working in collaboration with the founder and existing management, NSSK will also support Welfare Suzuran’s sales growth by refining its marketing strategy and assist in the development and opening of new facilities.
NSSK is partnering with Welfare Suzuran’s current management team, who will continue to manage the Company.