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NSSK became a signatory to the “Operating Principles for Impact Management”


/ 04.16.2021

NSSK has become a signatory to the “Operating Principles for Impact Management” (hereafter “Principles” (2)), a global market standard for impact investing developed by the International Finance Corporation (hereafter “IFC” (1)).

The Operational Principles for Impact Investing is a framework introduced in April 2019 by the IFC and other leading impact investors to bring discipline, transparency and credibility to the impact investing market. The Principles require signatories to scrutinize and monitor the “impact” of their investments, which refers not only to the economic benefits, but also to the changes and effects on society and the environment that companies bring about through the projects they invest in. To date, more than 120 organizations around the world have signed on to the Principles.

We have long been promoting our group of impact funds that deliver positive environmental, social, and governance results while providing solid financial returns. Our regional impact funds, which aim to revitalize local economies, have been successful in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, creating jobs, and promoting women participation in the workforce and in management. With the signing of the Operating Principles for Impact Management, we are once again solidifying our commitment to ESG as well as impact investment and aiming to become a leader in this field.


(1) An institution of the World Bank Group, established in 1956. Founded in 1956, it is one of the world’s largest international financial institutions specializing in private sector development in developing countries. It works with the private sector in about 100 countries to help eradicate extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity.