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Succession of ALC Education by EdulinX, an NSSK Portfolio Company

New Investment

/ 11.17.2021

Nippon Sangyo Suishin Kiko (“NSSK”; is pleased to announce that EdulinX Corporation (“EdulinX”;, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NSSK, is to succeed all of the business operations of ALC Education, Inc. (“ALC Education”;, effective January 14, 2022 (scheduled).

ALC Education is a leading provider of training services to corporations and schools with around 30-years of history in the language education industry. In addition to face-to-face training services, including English, cross-cultural and management training, ALC Education has provided a wide variety of one-stop services to meet the needs of clients, such as the e-learning system “ALC NetAcademy NEXT”, various online learning services and competency assessment tests to over 3,800 companies and educational institutions.

ALC Education will work under EdulinX to introduce best practices in all areas of sales, product development, business alliances, marketing, and human resource development. This will be done by NSSK introducing its Value-Up Program (NVP), its proprietary management support package, as well as the knowledge and domestic/international networks of its members. In addition, NSSK will continue to monitor its businesses to ensure that they are performing appropriately. Furthermore, NSSK will promote data-driven management through the introduction of accounting and KPI management tools for the proper monitoring of the business.

NSSK will continue to mainly invest in attractive Japanese companies with high growth and future potential, providing the necessary growth capital, domestic and international networks, processes for business improvement, and human resources in a timely and concrete manner. In this way, we will work together with our portfolio companies to enhance corporate and shareholder value and contribute to environmental, social and corporate governance in Japan and around the world.